Jessica Perry, Blogger

Sadly I didn’t get into Hogwarts. Now I’m a third year student of journalism and Spanish at American. My roots are in New Jersey, but anywhere with books and coffee feels like home. In the past I interned at a DC arts and culture initiative called Hola Cultura. Now I am spreading love for the military as a social media intern at Soldiers’ Angels. My artistic area of interest includes anything that keeps me up at night and interested at the coffee shop. I usually model the trench coat and notepad look à la Harriet the Spy. (Just kidding. Maybe.) I also frequent bookstores so I can ask complete strangers what they're reading. Ultimately I'm excited to share my endless curiosity about the arts, as well as the fascinating people behind them.

*Articles:* "Location Review: Baked and Wired": "Film Review: Muscle Shoals": "NaNoWriMo is Here!": "AmLit Abroad: Dali's own Teatro-Museo Dali in Catalonia":