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We are so happy that you want to submit! Please carefully read and follow these instructions to ensure that we get the chance to look at your work. Information about our review process can be found here. Questions or comments can be directed to

Our fall submission drive is closed & works are being reviewed. Artists will be contacted individually as to the status of their work shortly. Thanks for your submissions!

Step 1 | Submission Form

  • Download the AmLit Submission Form as a Word document and fill in your information. 
  • Save the document as "LastName_FirstInitial_Title_FORM"
  • Example: Auden_W_TheFallofRome_FORM

Step 2 | Your Work

  • Please remove any identifying information on the actual work (for example, W.H. would not put his name at the end of the work). This will ensure that your piece is reviewed anonymously.
  • Rename your document using the same format, except omit "_FORM" 
  • Example: Auden_W_TheFallofRome
  • Film: See detailed instructions under "Other Guidelines" below.

Step 3 | Submit

  • Attach the submission form(s) and the work(s) you wish to submit to an email.
  • Please write which genre you wish to submit to in the subject line (prose, poetry, photography, art, or film). 
  • If you are submitting in multiple genres, please send multiple emails with the respective genre in the subject.
  • Send to!

Other Guidelines

Untitled Pieces

  • If your piece does not have a title, please follow this model: "LastName_FirstInitial_untitled1" 
  • If you have multiple pieces that are untitled, number each of them sequentially.

Submission Restrictions

  • For submissions, we have a maximum limit of eight written pieces, fifteen photos, eight art pieces and five short films per person. 
  • We are also now limiting the number of pieces we publish per author or artist. This is handled on a case-by-case basis by the editors-in-chief. 


  • Email with your filled-out AmLit Submission Form. We will then reply to you with the Dropbox information.
  • Then submit your final film file to AmLit's Dropbox folder.
  • Title your file with "Lastname_Firstinital_Title." 
  • If you are able to, please remove the film's final name credits as the AmLit review process is anonymous. If you cannot remove them, we will do it for you. 

Physical Pieces of Art

  • If you wish to submit a physical piece of art, please contact and set up an appointment with the art editors to drop off your work.
  • You must print and fill out the form above and supply it with your piece upon submission.
  • You may also choose to take a photo of your piece to send via email according to the directions above. If you do this, please be sure to clarify it is an art submission by listing the genre in the subject line.


  • Photography and photo submissions of art must be submitted in 300 dpi. If your photo is not sent in printable quality, we will not be able to consider it for submission. 
  • When submitting a photo, do not resize it in the email attachment. Send the best quality photo you have. 
  • If your file is simply too big or you are concerned about how your art looks in a photo, please email or and we will work with you on how to best represent your work at the review session.

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