A D.C. Renaissance: Art All Night in Washington

Demory Hobbs

What makes Washington, DC so great? Some would say the fast pace of the city, some the free entertainment, and others the mix of cultures unique to the nation’s capital. Art All Night: Made in DC celebrated all of these aspects of the DC community. On September 24, there was a display of art of all mediums spread across seven main streets, including our very own Tenleytown. Art All Night has been an annual DC event since 2011. This year, the event focused on artists living in DC. 

This recognition of local artists united DC in a unique way. The love of art, more than anything else, spans any age, race, gender, sexuality, religion, or people group. Art is as diverse as the people who create it, and this was evident during Art All Night. Painting, photography, dance, music, and poetry were only a few of the mediums celebrated throughout the city. 

In addition to recognizing established artists, Art All Night gave DC residents a chance to try different art mediums for themselves. ArtJamz in Dupont was open to all to explore their creativity by free painting on the walls of the studio. Washington Studio School opened their doors to allow residents to sketch or color. These events had the dual purposes of a new opportunity for DC residents and exposure for the art businesses in DC. 

While almost all artists were DC residents, Art All Night also recognized international artists by partnering with embassies. The Guatemalan embassy, for example, publicized Guatemalan artists, offered rum tasting, and encouraged art enthusiasts to visit Guatemala. DC residents got to learn about different cultures through the art produced.

Art All Night successfully brought people together with a shared love of art, and also gave art lovers a chance to experience new forms of art. DJs, fire dancers, and abstract artists combined to create a fun-filled night of expanding horizons. Be on the lookout for Art All Night next year, because it is an event you shouldn’t miss. 

Photos from Art All Night: Made in DC Facebook