Name to Face: Emma Bartley and Samatha Dumas

Tyler Perry

If you walk into an AmLit meeting, you will instantly feel like you’ve been hugged. That’s thanks to Emma Bartley and Samantha Dumas, the editors-in-chief who sit atop the AmLit throne. The EICs form review packets, run review sessions, plan events and make sure everything from the general interest meeting to the release party stays peachy keen.

That isn’t to say that all of the administrative tasks overshadow their creativity and love for art. On the contrary, the excitement in their voices about reading each other’s writing, potential workshops, and late night poetry sessions is palpable. In what seems like an inescapable sea of wonkiness,a good getaway is to be amongst those who have an electrifying passion for art. Meet Emma and Samantha.

Name: Samantha 

Witch Name: Stormy 

Major: Literature-Creative Writing 

Star Sign: Sagittarius 

Current jam: “Pink and White”-Frank Ocean 

Spirit animal/plant: Golden pothos 

Fall Color Palette: burnt orange/dark yellow 

Name: Emma 

Witch Name: Mimosa 

Major: Literature-cinema studies 

Star Sign: Capricorn 

Current jam: “Reservoir”-Warehouse 

Spirit animal/plant: Deer 

Fall Color Palette: light pink/light wash denim

What is your medium of choice?

Emma: I’m particularly into prose poetry.

Samantha: Yeah, I can’t decide if I’m a prose writer or a poetry writer.

E: I’ve never really gotten into prose, although I sorta want to try it. I like a lot of prose poets, so that’s why I fell into [prose poetry].

S: Yea, writing in general. I like poetry and I like prose. I also like non-fiction writing, like memoir stuff. I used to do a lot of photography. That’s another creative outlet for me.

E: My Instagram is also my creative outlet.

Describe your creative process

S: I hear words and they make me feel a certain way and I write them down. It just kind of comes randomly, but at the same time I like to have a routine. So I guess it’s like a mix of routine and random inspiration.

E: It changes. I write poetry and I’ve been really into looking back on my childhood. Pretty much every poem I’ve written this summer has been a childhood memory. I go back to my parent’s house a lot and I always come across one object that suddenly pushes me into a super visceral memory of my childhood.

What inspires you?

S: Mostly people. My style of poetry is definitely more imagist; the meaning from my work comes from the thing itself. And also from the relationships in my life and how they affect my world view.

E: Music inspires me a lot. I tend to want to write a poem after I hear a really good album that moves me. Just encountering beautiful creative pieces inspires me.

What's the best thing about AmLit?

S: The people, the community, is so great. I would not be as happy at AU as I am if it weren’t for AmLit and the support and love I get from everyone.

E: I have to say the same thing. I always say that I would’ve probably left AU if it weren’t for AmLit. Pretty much all of my housemates are in AmLit. Student media just rules in general. 

S: It’s also such an honor to read other people’s work. We were putting together the packets and it was so awe inspiring, the content that’s being produced by our peers is amazing.

E: And I think that’s why we’re all so close, is because we read each other’s work. And we really care about it. Obviously, that work is a reflection of people’s f***ing souls.

Are there any exciting upcoming projects?

S: I just had a meeting and we’re going to do a book drive sometime in November. I’m really excited to do that because I’m really into social justice and literature. But, I’m not really working on anything else. We’re working on our senior projects for lit.

E: Yea, right now is review session time, so that’s all of my AmLit energy. But definitely some projects to come in November. I’m really looking into pairing with other student orgs on campus to put on some sick events towards the end of the semester.