Copy and Paste: Amlit's Design in Process: Day One


 Day 1 | Collage

It had begun! This semester, Amlit’s design team had landed on the theme of collage! We’ve collected paper scraps, washer tape, fabric, and even flower petals to accent this semester’s pages. Right now we’re in the first stage of design, making the accents but this semester by hand. Every team member is constructing unique little mini-collages which will serve as the accents for the mag. I love the process of handing creating all of the accents on the big design drafting tables is almost a tribute to graphic design before computers. That being said we aren’t abandoning the convenience of the technology completely and have scanned each accent into a digital accent “bank” to be placed into the mag with InDesign. 

 This Week’s Music: Mild High Club 

Check back soon to see what the design team is up to next!