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Review: My Love Letter for To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Let me start by talking about the aesthetics. I was infatuated by the color palette and compositions of the shots in this film. There was an overwhelming sense of balance in each frame. Most of them were center composed— especially the scenes that focused on individuals. Characters, especially main characters, were almost always center composed. There were a couple scenes, usually involving action, in bird’s eye perspective. I found that this added movement to the film. It took to viewer to a new angle, which made it feel alive.

Even when the scene was composed in the rule of thirds- as it when she rides her bike up to the diner and leans her bike against the wall- there is still a sense of balance present. 

And her bike, thought sliding down the wall, is perfectly arranged to the left of the blank space of the wall. There is balance in the three windows, and the three coffee cups on the corner café sign. 


The balance of the cinematography is in stark contrast to how the main protagonist is feeling through much of the film. She feels that her life is spiraling apart and she can’t seek out the help of the one person, her sister, she’s always found comfort in. Yet- something about the camera work and vibrant colors in this film makes it feel alive and young, like the young High School student it centers around. The tone the composer creates is almost hopeful-as though the film is telling us that things get better. And of course, they do.

And how could I not talk about miss Lara Jean? She has a unique style that she isn’t afraid to rock. She might be feeling insecure and afraid to open up in school, but she at least keeps true to herself in how she dresses. That is not something I was always brave enough to do in High School. Moreover, she doesn’t allow the men in her life to come to her rescue, like Josh, who tries a few times. Yes, she gets the boy in the end like every other romance film, but sometimes you just need to see a film with a feel-good sappy happy ending. 



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