Getting To Know The Eboard: Amanda, Julia, and Sydney


A lot goes on behind the scenes to create the pretty, little AmLit Magazine that shows up on newsstands around campus each semester. There are submission packets to compile, review sessions to schedule, words to edit, graphics to make, and a whole release party to plan. It doesn't stop there either: there's a website to take care of and some pretty great events to put on, too. It all works out though, thanks to a team of passionate and creative students who give their all to this publication.

It's the contributions of everyone that make the magazine, but AmLit's Eboard is definitely where the magic happens. They're the ones the keeping AmLit running like a well-oiled machine. Get to know a few of them here: 

Amanda Hodes (she/her), Art Co-Editor

Major: Music & Literature

Your most prized possession: My great-grandmother's opal ring.

Five things you associate yourself with:

Classical guitar

Awkward dad jokes


Writing poetry

Olive green

Favorite word: Ephemeral 

What do you love about AmLit?

I love seeing the art of my incredible peers and having in-depth conversations about art.

Julia Buyak (she/her), Copy Co- Editor

Major: CLEG; Creative Writing minor

Your most prized possession: My journal and every journal I've owned since kindergarten.

Five things you associate yourself with:

Overcast days

Rose gardens

Burnt grilled cheeses


Too many metaphors

Favorite word: Rude

What's your favorite thing about AmLit?

I'm always so impressed by how talented my peers are, both in AmLit and through student submissions. On a campus so polarized by politics, it's refreshing to see art and creativity bring the community closer together.

Sydney Hamilton (she/her), Blog Editor

Major: Journalism; Creative Writing minor

Your most prized possession: My gold Virgin Mary medallion.

Five things you associate yourself with:

Christmas movies

The sound sneakers make when you stop suddenly

The romanticized version of NYC that's always portrayed in television and film

80s music

The golden hour when the sun is setting

Favorite word: Persnickety

What do you love about AmLit?

I get to experience all this amazing content FOR FREE!!!