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Interested in joining the AmLit family? Have a question for one of our editors? Here's how to contact us!

Please direct all general questions to the Co- EICs, Amanda Hodes and Sydney Hamilton, at

Feel free to visit A & S during office hours as well! The AmLit office is located in MGC 248. 

EIC office hours for Fall 2017: Fridays ,TBD

For specific inquiries, please contact the relevant editorial team:

Design & Publication /// Izzy Capodanno & Caleb Gleit

Art /// Kiran Ahluwalia & Thomas Pool

Film & Photography /// Claire Osborn & Jordan Redd or 

Poetry /// Elpseth Reilly & Julia Buyak

Prose /// Emaan Khan & Tessa Stewart

Copy /// Cam Diagonale & Brooke Olsen

Blogging /// Maggie Mahoney