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Editors in Chief:

Sheer Figman - Editor in Chief

Riddhi Setty - Editor in Chief


Rachel Burger - Art Editor

Annie Przypyszny - Art Editor

Grace Collins - Art Assistant

Lily Song - Art Assistant        

Nikolai Razumov - Art Assistant

Photo & Film:

Kait Caffrey - Photo/Film Editor

Piper Hamm - Photo/Film Editor

Daniella Jimenez - Photo/Film Assistant

Lindsey McCormack - Photo/Film Assistant


Brendan Sakosits - Poetry Editor

Sofia Dean - Poetry Editor

Grace Hasson - Poetry Assistant

Reagan Koffink - Poetry Assistant

Tiffanie Roye - Poetry Assistant


Henri Brink - Prose Editor

Katt McCann - Prose Editor

Eliza DuBose - Prose Assistant

Natalie Flynn - Prose Assistant

Karan Tekwani - Prose Assistant


Gracie Donovan - Blog Editor

Shelby Rose - Blog Editor

Sophia Fingerman - Blog Assistant

Laisa Gastaliturris - Blog Assistant

Sana Mamtaney - Blog Assistant


Stephanie Mirah - Copy Editor

Morgan Goldberg - Copy Assistant

Alex Kaiss - Copy Assistant


Emma Lovato - Creative Director

Katie Meyerson - Creative Director

Skylar Smith - Design Assistant

Isabelle Wittmann - Design Assistant


Emily Coneybeare - Event Coordinator


Scarlett Wedergren - Website Coordinator