The submission drive for Spring 2020 is now open! All submissions are due by Sunday, February 1st!

All American University students are encouraged to submit their original writing, artwork, film, and photography using this Google Form. 

Submission Instructions:

*submit this form

*email images of your visual pieces as 300 dpi JPGs or PNGs and your literary documents in PDF or DOC format, to Save and send the documents as the title of your piece. Make sure your name is not anywhere on the document OR title of the document as we run an anonymous review process. (Do mention your name in the email, however)

*you may submit multiple pieces in multiple categories. We have a maximum limit of five written pieces, eight photos, five films, and eight art pieces per person. 

*prose pieces have a 1,000 word limit- i know, but we want to make sure we get as much diversity of medium and story as we can in the mag. 

*if you are submitting a short film, please email us a downloadable file and please make sure to remove any credits.

*if your photo is not submitted in 300dpi, printable quality, we will not be able to consider it for submission. Also, when submitting a photo, do not resize it in the email. Send the best quality photo you have.

*while we highly prefer digital submissions, if you want to submit physical work, please email us and we can work something out.

*you must be a current American University student

If you have any questions, please email us at 


What does it mean to be a genre assistant, blog writer, or design team member?

As a genre assistant, you get to work closely with our editorial board members on events, review sessions, and workshops. You help us discuss the pieces submitted to AmLit, while shaping our plan of events and our workshop environment. Two assistant positions are available each in poetry, prose, visual art, photography, film, and copy editing. This is a great opportunity for aspiring genre editors to get more experience in their genre and to learn how to talk constructively about art! You must attend our general staff meetings and any occasional meetings scheduled by your genre editors. Copy editing assistants work closely with our copy editors and design team on proof-reading and layout.

As a blog writer, you write at least 2 art-relevant blog posts per semester, while attending the general staff meetings and blog staff meetings. This position is especially ideal for journalism students with an interest in art, artists interested in improving their writing abilities, or other majors interested in art related subjects. Blog posts can include event reviews, op-eds, artist interviews, film/book reviews, upcoming event lists, staff interviews, or more! Check out our blog tab for examples of the prior work of our blog team.

As a design team member, you work closely with our creative directors/design editors to create the beautiful finished magazine that is released each semester. You help brainstorm the semester's design, create layouts, make page accents, learn to use Adobe InDesign, and more. You must attend design staff meetings.