Meet the Blog Team: Morgan Bluma

Morgan Bluma


Morgan is a rising junior studying literature and journalism. 

Her dream job would be working in New York with a big publishing house, reading fiction novels. 

She loves spending her free time reading and watching film. If you can't find her snuggled up somewhere with a good book, she is most likely outside hiking or just enjoying nature. 

Her favorite song right now is "Borderline" by Tame Impala. 

She is not a big user of emojis but when she does, her favorite is the orange heart. ?

Her celebrity crush right now is Evan Peters. 

Lastly, a really great embarrassing memory from her time at AU is she was once in the library listening to some tunes on her laptop, but her headphones weren't plugged in all the way, so really her music was playing out loud, on the quiet floor. Someone had to tell her that her music was playing. And the songs that were playing was the Mamma Mia soundtrack.