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Film Review: Nightcrawler

BY brandon latham

11/20/2014 12:40 p.m.

Nightcrawler is a modern take on a cautionary tale as old as television itself, one that cinema most famously already told in Network (1976). In that oscar-winning film, an ensemble of cable newsmakers destroy their own and one another's lives -- through suicide attempts, assassinations, infidelity and prostitution -- in order to boost ratings at the expense of their friendships.

Forget Superman, Read Penance: Relentless

BY Nolan Miller

10/24/14 9:36am

pen 1.jpg
Some books, like Marvels, have deconstructed the notion of the helpless citizen constantly relying on the superhero to save them. Taking this even farther, other books have even gone so far as depicting the depressed superhero hoping for forgiveness for a mistake in his or her past (Kingdom Come shows white-bearded Superman in such a state: retired in self-imposed exile). Yet, no graphic novel has gone to the lengths Penance: Relentless does to defile the superhero genre hope motif, one that Superman is the prime example of.

Art Exhibit Review: "Portraits of Planet Ocean" at the Natural History Museum

BY maddie weyand-geise

10/23/14 11:02pm


To quote a well-loved movie about a clownfish searching for his son, Portraits of Planet Ocean at the Natural History Museum was both “big and blue.” But despite the small children screaming “Nemo!” every few minutes, Brian Skerry’s photography was far more profound than an animated film.