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Stand Up Review: Craig Ferguson Live

BY Omar Tisza

03/09/15 10:39pm

I waited in a line that wrapped around the block of the prestigious Warner Theatre on Feb. 7, a fiercely cold evening, to see a wildly eccentric yet brilliant Scotsman who has been in the late night show business for years. This would mark the second stand-up show for Craig Ferguson in the District since his exit from ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,’ a CBS late-night talk show that ran from 2005 to 2014.The excitement of it all was like holding an ethereal golden ticket; my permanent grin made my elation all too obvious. After darting in and out of the chaos to find my seat, the show began.

Location Review: Capitol Hill Books

BY Kate McMahon

02/25/15 7:49pm

As Kindles and iPads gradually (and tragically) phase out paper, some historic bookstores continue to cling to life by offering a unique experience. Capitol Hill Books, nestled in the historic Eastern Market, remains as one of Washington’s hidden gems as it rebels against the Digital Age.

DCIFF Review: Wildlike

BY brandon latham

02/25/15 7:13pm

A genre-defying film with an unmistakable indie spirit, Frank Hall Green's directorial debut, Wildlike, is a wonderful viewing experience that is both breathtaking to look at and refreshingly optimistic.