Eduardo Escamilla: Finding Beauty in Small Details

Brian Chaidez interviews local artist and photographer Eduardo Escamilla.

What’s going on man, introduce yourself to the people.

My name is Eduardo. I’m 22 years old. I am 5’3’’. I have two eyes… two arms, and two legs.

How was life growing up for you?

I grew up in El Salvador, which is located in Central America. That’s where I grew up for 11 years and then I moved to the United States. Ever since I’ve been living here. 10 years in Maryland now.

At what age did you begin to witness your creative talents?

Probably around 12. One of my math teachers was giving us a few art projects, and you know I was one of the ones who did pretty well on the drawings. That’s when I found out I had the ability to make things— to draw and come up with ideas. Art has always run in the family too. I grew up in a town known for sculptures, and we do a lot of paintings too. My grandma was one of them [painters]… one of my uncles… and my father, but they never pursued it as a full-time career. So I’ve always been surrounded by art.

As a full-time student how do you stay inspired to create?

I usually get ideas when I’m walking, eating, or ANYTHING. When an idea hits me I think about it, I write it down, and then I start looking for resources. Where I can break the idea down to where I actually want it. And then you have the Internet which is the big resource, but then you have books. Artists from the past can teach you about portions, colors, and add more meaning to your work. Even modern artists use it but they use it differently. It’s a different vision.

When did you get start getting into photography?

Man, photography was in like around 7th grade when my brother brought in a camera. He would shoot with it but he didn't, like, take it as serious as I did. So I started playing around with it. I didn't know what I was doing. I just started taking pictures of random things and it just went on from there.

When did you start calling yourself a photographer?

I don’t ever consider myself a “photographer”. Not, well… not myself, but the people who know me, they see my work and they think I’m a photographer. So it’s more them giving me the label as one. I consider myself as a creative person. Labels are just… I can tell you I'm a plumber or a musician, that’s just a title. I would like my art to just speak for itself.  

How would you describe the creative community in the DMV?

Well you know D.C. for a while has not been know as New York, LA, or Chicago— you know those famous places for art. D.C. hasn't had that scene, but for the past couple of years it has felt like it’s coming up and on the rise. Living here and having done art for a while, it kind of feels like a chance for me, and I’m pretty sure for many talented people in the area to take on that ride and see what chance or opportunities they can get. It’s a time where you have so many chances and see which one you catch.

What’s some inspirations you can share?

To always to look forward to everyday and to pay attention to the smallest details, because the things that seem small are more than what they seem.

Awesome man, where can we follow you and your content?

I’m on Instagram @edscam. Currently trying to work on a website. So that’s coming up! We’ll see what else comes along.